PRODUCT! CONNECT ensures successful data networking

Our key to success: a balanced combination of a flexible platform (P!C Hub) and individual services


Funktion Product! Connect
Industrie icon

Manufacturers use P!C as a starting point for the distribution of their data

  • One individual client with a strict security concept
  • Data import from your own PIM- or ERP system
  • Extended maintenance option for product features, texts and images
  • Import and maintenance of multilingual content
  • Highly configurable options to design your own data structures
  • Handling of retailer-specific product ranges
  • Mechanisms to ensure data quality
  • Possibility of using content services to refine your data
Funktion Product! Connect
Funktion Product! Connect
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The PC Hub serves as a liaison and distribution point between manufacturers and trading partners

  • Data transformation and import from manufacturers
  • Standardization of data structures
  • Data transformations and exports to retailer clients
  • Illustration of individual workflows
Funktion Product! Connect
Funktion Product! Connect
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Retailers use P!C either as a primary stage or as a part of their information system

  • Data standardization of the respective category across suppliers
  • Supplier-specific data design is displayed by category
  • Data transformation from P!C Hub
  • Mechanisms to secure data quality
  • Illustration of individual workflows

Data Integration with P!C Hub

P!C Hub is implemented in small projects for our customers.

We coordinate the design of the data and data compliance in collaboration with our customers

  • We setup the relevant clients
  • We support data imports
  • We setup data transformation
  • We export the relevant data

No standardized data necessary

If the data is not complete - e.g. missing product pictures, product descriptions or product dimensions - we provide services that enrich and refine product data.

No standards are necessary for optimizing data flows through P!C Hub. Simply rely on your data design and, if necessary, we can support you with services to improve the design.

Client concept icon

Client concept

P!C Hub is built to be client-oriented with functionalities being individually adjustable for every company. The centerpiece is the possibility to individually administrate the data model. This ensures the very highest levels of individuality and flexibility for our costumers. Clients are set up in a way that prevents any unauthorized access.

data transformation icon

Extensive data transformation

Transformation possibilities between clients are the core function of P!C Hub. This enables several data checks with extraction-, conversion- and integration steps being able to be defined. These steps can be connected within the scope of workflows, which can be defined for a particular client or several clients.

Data quality protection icon

Data quality protection

Individual rules and mechanisms are constructed to verify the data quality for each client. Your own quality guidelines can be established and monitored through reports depending on the data design. The reports are displayed in the client dashboard and several DQ-Steps and transformations can be connected via the workflow management

Industry independent data design concept icon

Industry independent data design concept

Data requirements between various industries can differ widely. P!C Hub is constructed in such a way that it can be adapted to all industries. Within this set-up the product classification as well as the attributes and attribute definitions can be adjusted by the client. Furthermore, the depth of the data concept can also be flexibly defined. Whereas a 2-level concept (product-article) is sufficient in some industries, it is common to have a 3-level concept (product-article-variant) in other industries.

Independent from surrounding processes icon

Independent from surrounding processes

Every customer can use different data productions and management processes. Because of the open interfaces (every function is available through web services) the integration into partner systems can be individually realized.

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The user interface as well as the data can be adapted to international requirements. Translation processes are made possible through cooperation with service partners.

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