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PRODUCT! CONNECT - Content Logistics

Products must be available in order to be sold. The same principles apply to product content, the digital twin, so to speak. Product content must be available on the platforms in order to be effective. We see ourselves as content logisticians. The more suitable the content is delivered, the better and more specifically OTTO Market works. Navigation and filters facilitate access to the products, and precise product descriptions reduce the return rates. As a service we explicitly offer an individual data feed for OTTO Market. How does it work?

1) Traders provide us with their best available product data in the format of their choice

2) We process texts, product attributes and media

3) We check the quality of the data supplied

4) We transform the data exactly according to OTTO Market's specifications and deliver the data from

5) We bill per item, i.e. irrespective of turnover on OTTO Market.

Product Connect for Otto Markets DE

In the event that no optimal content can yet be provided by the trader, our Content Factory helps to close the data gaps.

As soon as we keep the content of the dealers in good quality, further platforms or dealers can be supplied, completely in the sense of an active multichannel marketing.

We help you get your products to quickly, affordably and successfully! Trust in our expertise.
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