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Functionality P!C Hub

Often, end-to-end processes in the value-added chain of product data between suppliers and traders are complicated by differences in data model, format and quality. As a result, data usability on the trader side is reduced and the (often manual) efforts for data maintenance increase. As a consequence of the fulfilment of different requirements, the effort for data maintenance and delivery also increases on the supplier side. With P!C Hub, Product! Connect offers a highly flexible software solution that enables the automation of complete data flows while maintaining a high degree of individuality for all parties involved.

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Benefits P!C Hub

P!C Hub allows the retention of individual data models and processes through a smart client concept. Mapping and transformation tools increase the degree of automation, enabling cost-efficient and individual data delivery with a short time-to-market. Through client-specific rules for checking data quality and required approvals, you retain full control over your product data flows at all times.

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Added value for traders

P!C offers traders the opportunity to obtain quality-tested product data from various manufacturers / suppliers. By means of automated mappings and transformation rules in the existing clients, this is already done in the own target structure, so that data maintenance efforts are reduced. If required, Product! Connect offers an integrated service with the Content Factory to support you in the channel-specific refinement of your product data.

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Added value for manufacturers

P!C enables manufacturers to deliver their own product data cost-efficiently to many trading partners. Through automated mappings and transformation rules across clients, this is done without any special adjustments, even if traders require different product ranges or data formats. If required, Product! Connect offers an integrated service with the Content Factory to support you in preparing or refining your product data.

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Datafeed for OTTO Market

Products must be available in order to be sold. The same principles apply to product content, the digital twin, so to speak. Product content must be available on the platforms in order to be effective. We see ourselves as content logisticians. The more suitable the content is delivered, the better and more specifically OTTO Market works. Navigation and filters facilitate access to the products, and precise product descriptions reduce the return rates. As a service we explicitly offer an individual data feed for OTTO Market.

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