Content Onboarding

Content onboarding is the foundation for the digital image of a product or assortment. It includes the acquisition of available product data from different sources as well as the standardization of different data structures. Depending on the initial situation, we see ourselves as data collectors, enrichers or producers. Only those who have these processes under control are able to quickly and efficiently transfer product data records from heterogeneous sources into their own assortment world.

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Content Management

High-quality product data is much more than just annoying basic work for digitization. They are one of the essential success factors when it comes to the excellent service of all sales and marketing channels. They have a significant influence on your value chain. Content management includes all the "refinement processes" of a product data set. Starting with the classification of products up to the creation and maintenance of product content in the form of features, texts, translations, references, images or other assets. We onboard, transform or extract content from the source data and create new content. Exactly according to the requirements of your channels. The aim is to be able to import the work results directly into your systems.

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Content Governance

Content governance is about achieving a defined quality standard for product data or maintaining an existing quality standard. As "data sheriff", we carry out structured, target-oriented quality checks. We integrate identified optimisation potentials or necessary corrections into the data team as work orders in the sense of housekeeping.

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