PRODUCT! CONNECT links data flows between manufacturers and retailers

vernetzung von produktdaten
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Digitalization requires a stronger focus on product information

In B2C as well as in B2B business models various channels and digital commerce concepts increase in their importance. Besides working processes, the richness and quality of available product data is especially important for a professional appearance. The higher the quality of product data, the better the digital channels can be individually designed and operated.

The foundation for Product!Connect is built upon years of broad experience with consulting projects fulfilling the needs of suppliers and retailers. The increased business benefits of product data have led companies to invest in Product Information Management (PIM) systems. These systems cover the individual data concepts and provide product data to distribution channels. However, PIM-Systems show some limitations regarding their capability to consolidate, map and transform data from a wide variety of partners. This gap in the data value chain will be closed by Product!Connect.

Benefits for manufacturers

The platform and the connected services serve diverse benefits for manufacturers:

  • Cost savings within supplier content management
  • Safeguarding individual data design
  • Outsourced data quality control
  • Automated data quality control
  • Effort reduction of implementation work for retailer-specific interfaces
  • Provision of extended content to retailers
  • Safeguarding own brand value
  • Higher motivation for supplier to deliver data
  • Decreased content-production costs

Benefits for retailers

Data networking with P!C Hub

  • Intellectual capital of the data concept stays with the retailer
  • Flexibility of individual data structures and formats
  • Cost savings within data management for supplier data
  • Secured data quality
  • Direct and easy access to content services
  • Support with product liability issues through transparent data mapping
  • Rapid data availability for business partners

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