Digitalization requires a stronger focus on product information

In B2C as well as in B2B business models various channels and digital commerce concepts increase in their importance. Besides working processes, the richness and quality of available product data is especially important for a professional appearance. The higher the quality of product data, the better the digital channels can be individually designed and operated.

The foundation for Product!Connect is built upon years of broad experience with consulting projects fulfilling the needs of suppliers and retailers. The increased business benefits of product data have led companies to invest in Product Information Management (PIM) systems. These systems cover the individual data concepts and provide product data to distribution channels. However, PIM-Systems show some limitations regarding their capability to consolidate, map and transform data from a wide variety of partners. This gap in the data value chain will be closed by Product!Connect.

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Human balance of diversity and like-minded professionalism!

Our corporate culture is based on shared values that provide orientation for both our employees and our customers in their daily work, in dealing with each other and in making decisions in a complex environment.

In our understanding of sustainability, we act far-sightedly, honestly, transparently and consistently. We aim to deliver a high level of quality and create sustainable values through our work as a service provider. Economic success makes both us and our customers reliable and binding partners and employers. We adopt social, societal and ecological responsibility.

Cultural Fit
We live diversity in a team-oriented corporate culture. We see the individuality of each and every one of our employees as an enrichment that must be encouraged. Mutual respect and appreciation in dealing with each other is a matter to us. As a team we identify with our tasks and enjoy working together. Within the framework of flat hierarchies, we act independently in self-organized teams. Intrinsic motivation leads to above average performance.

We live agility as the core of our work. This supports and challenges our communication skills and provides the necessary flexibility for projects and business processes. Modern communication technologies enable immediate action. We achieve permanent improvement through self-critical reflection.

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DIQZ – The German Institute for Quality & Certification certified Product! Connect according to ISO 9001

The certification according to the new quality management standard is an important milestone in the history of Product! Connect.

What does this mean for you?

The ISO 9001 certification ensures that we have fully implemented the principles of quality management in our quality management system and thus achieve a continuous improvement of our business processes. 

Thanks to our quality management system, we can: 

  • increase the transparency of our operations,
  • gain a higher level of customer satisfaction and
  • reduce the error rate and thus costs.

Heart matters


Even though our work requires comparatively few travel activities, we take care to choose the most environmentally friendly travel connections possible in order to reduce CO² emissions to a minimum. We compensate unavoidable emissions through donations to climate protection projects, to the climate protection organisation atmosfair.

Diversity, in a tolerant, cosmopolitan and democratic culture, is very important to us! We observe the latest social movements with a shake of the head and with concern. That is why we are convinced supporters of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation. This foundation supports initiatives and projects that continuously take action against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism, are committed to a democratic culture and stand up for the protection of minorities.

Too much war, persecution, oppression and suffering in this world! We support the UN Refugee Aid Organisation (UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe).

Product! Connect is a member of DiWiSH: The Cluster Management "Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein" is a network for all SMEs in the IT, media and design industries in the region between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Here companies network with representatives of universities, research institutions and technology centres to support, consolidate and promote Schleswig-Holstein's location and economic power. Through the targeted promotion of young talent in close cooperation with the universities of Schleswig-Holstein, the training and further education of specialists is promoted.

Our parent company Listen! Consulting is a member of the ECC-Club (Network for E-Commerce and Cross-Channel) of the IFH Cologne (Institute for Retail Research). In this network, service providers as well as retailers and manufacturers from a wide range of B2C and B2B sectors exchange information on trends and developments in the digital retail world.

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