PRODUCT! CONNECT enables perfect product data exchanges between manufacturers and retailers

Full-Service for product data

Data Preparation

  • Compilation of product data from a variety of sources
  • Quality control and consolidation
  • Data collection from industrial partners
  • Data refinement without installation of software
  • Data maintenance in a wide variety of PIM systems
  • Classification of product data according to eCl@ss, UNSPSC and ETIM standards
  • Integration of translation services
  • Product text creation
  • Photo processing organization


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Product Data Platform

  • Individual, manufacturer and vendor-specific data formats
  • Preparation of product data in standardized format (for example BMECat)
  • Optimization of your data process without software installation
  • Provide the full-featured cloud platform for data upload, maintenance, and distribution


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Data Modeling

  • Construction of product classifications
  • Collection of features through product research
  • Best practices for data design
  • Assignment of your products within the classification


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How P!C works

Product! Connect Product! Connect


We eliminate the barriers to your product communication:

  • We adopt your data 1:1
  • You can maintain additional content or have it managed by a third-party
  • You don’t have to adopt retailer data specifications
  • We send the data to your retailing partners


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Product! Connect


Services and cloud solutions:

  • Your data receives the highest level of security
  • We provide you with customized data design
  • High-performance mechanisms process data and review quality
  • Data gaps are either filled automatically or by content experts
  • We connect and transfer the data


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Product! Connect Product! Connect

Retailers and trade associations

Product data of different manufacturers from one source:

  • Product data is supplied according to your category specific demands
  • We standardize data for various retailers
  • Data enrichment through additional content is possible at any time for our customers


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  • Provide your retailing partners quickly and easily with high quality product information
  • Save on content management and delivery
  • Relieve your IT from data distribution
  • Secure your brand through consistent data in digital sales channels


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  • Expand your range of products quickly and easily
  • Reduce “time-to-market” for new product ranges
  • Substantially reduce data management and interface efforts
  • Personalize the product range through detailed product information
  • Use extensive data controls


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For manufacturers/industry:

  • We offer an optimal service for manufacturers who require distribution of their product data to marketing platforms and trading partners
  • We offer product data optimizing services based on our Cloud-Solution
  • We transform data automatically into the required formats of retailing partners
  • We fill data gaps with texts, attributes, media assets and translations.


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For retailers/distributors and trade associations:

  • We create perfect conditions for the expansion of your product portfolio
  • Standardization of product data from different manufacturers according to your specifications
  • We verify the conformity of data quality with your specifications
  • We complement data with new content if necessary


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